How to Install a Cord Switch Bypassing the Lamp Switch

Lamp switches near the lamp can be difficult to reach, especially if the lamp shade is large. Installing a power switch with a built-in cord is a simple project that will make turning on the lamps much easier.

This DIY project can be done in 5 minutes. You will need a knife to cut the cord, a wire stripper, a screwdriver, and a cord switch. These Leviton Single Pole Switches are very durable and cost $ 6 on Amazon.

First, unplug the lamp and decide where you want to position the switch. Use a knife to cut the wire between the ground and the hot side. Make sure you don’t cut the insulation on any of the wires. Peel off 2 inches of wire and cut the smooth (hot) wire in the middle, leaving the ribbed wire intact.

Open the switch by removing the two screws that secure it. One side will show the switch mechanism. Strip each end of smooth wire about 1/2 inch and wrap around the screws in the switch. Then secure them by tightening the screw. Insert the ground wire into the switch and close the switch.

Turn on the lamp and press the switch. If the lamp does not light, make sure the switch at the base of the lamp is on. Very easy!


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