Get Rid of Annoying Full Screen Video Alerts Forever

Chrome: If you’ve ever watched a video full screen in Chrome, you’ve probably seen an overkill warning that the site wants to expand the video full screen. If you don’t want to tell your browser to do this, yes you wanted to do it every time, here’s how to permanently remove the permission request.

Whenever you allow a site to access a full-screen video, it is added to the list of exceptions. You can find this list by going to Settings> Show Advanced Settings> Privacy> Content Settings> Full Screen> Manage Exceptions. Alternatively, you can simply follow this link in Chrome:


Once there, select any of the existing exceptions and replace its hostname value with the following:


This will permanently allow any website to allow full screen video. Keep in mind that you cannot undo this without restarting Chrome. That being said, the permission filter was not very good at preventing abuse from the start. It only appears after the video has already been full screen, and usually only “blocks” legitimate videos anyway. If you are worried that the site turns on full screen without your permission, it is probably best to avoid this method. On the other hand, if you find it more annoying that a button you specifically pressed asks if you really wanted to do this with every new site, that should reduce your annoyance a bit.

Update: As one commenter pointed out, this could potentially open you up to the specific type of exploit described here . As we mentioned earlier, removing the permission mechanism is risky, but in this case, you will need to beware of malicious content that tries to hijack your screen. In most cases, this should be easy to spot (if you’ve tweaked your desktop or interface in any way, you should be able to tell the difference), and attacks should be rare, so just take a little caution if you’re going to do this.

Skip Permissions and Allow Video Players on Any Website to Run Full Screen [Chrome] | Exciting tips


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