Change Auto Insurers to Avoid Rate Hikes After Traffic Jams

Getting fines for a traffic violation sucks, especially when one violation can increase your premium from 6% to 93% . There are several ways to minimize the damage done to your insurance.

Kiplinger offers some tips, for example, right after taking a safe driving course to earn points on a ticket without a license.

Another strategy is to take a closer look:

If your insurance rate rises as a result of a moving violation, it’s time to look for a new policy, says [Laura Adams, insurance analyst at]. This is due to the fact that operators take into account violations in tariff setting differently. So you can find an insurer who wants to understate the cost of your ticket.

It’s advised to shop for auto insurance every year anyway, but especially if your current service provider has raised your rates.

Don’t Let Your Travel Ticket Raise Your Insurance Rates | Kiplinger


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