Best Supermarket Brands According to Consumers

Buying brands from stores is a great way to save money, and they are often better or equal in quality to the named brands . Of the 68 different supermarket chains surveyed by Consumer Reports , these are the top-brand stores.

For many shoppers, store brands are a crucial bargain when it comes to choosing where to shop. While many brands are fine, some are clearly superior to others overall. Consumer Reports surveyed 68 online brands as well as surveyed readers and produced some interesting results:

Out of 68 grocery chains represented in our rating, 49 received average marks for quality; twelve received below average ratings, including the Walmart Supercenter, the nation’s largest grocery store. The winner in the Best Brand category was Trader Joe’s , followed by Wegmans , Publix , Costco , Raley’s , Whole Foods Market and Harris Teeter .

Unsurprisingly, Trader Joe’s is at the top, given that most of their products are store-branded merchandise, as well as a significant portion of Costco’s inventory. What was a little surprising is that the Walmart Great Value brand is not as good as advertised. You should definitely point out, however, that nearly every retailer in the report offers win-win money-back guarantees on their branded products. So even if you can’t shop at these higher-rated stores, you can probably get your money back if something is wrong. You can read more about the report at the link below.

The best brands in the supermarket | Consumer reports


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