Top 5 E-Book Readers

If you enjoy taking books with you, you never had much choice. The best e-readers are thin, have batteries that last for several weeks, come in both e-ink and color, have multiple screen sizes that suit you, and are available at different prices. Let’s take a look at the top five based on your nominations.

Earlier this week, we asked you which e-books you think are the best overall: they had the best features, better access to books, better battery life, or the best bang for your buck. You’ve provided us with a variety of models and options, but here are the five that climbed to the top, in no particular order:

Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is arguably Amazon’s most popular Kindle model. It’s a simple 6-inch e-ink tablet with built-in backlighting, a battery that lasts for weeks, and enough capacity to store thousands of books. It comes in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi / 3G versions, with and without ads ($ 119 with ads, $ 139 without). It’s lightweight, easy to use with one hand, syncs wirelessly with your Amazon account, and lets you track your reading space and book collection across multiple devices. The e-ink display looks great in bright sunlight and is bright enough to read at night without putting anyone else to sleep – and you can still customize it if you want. As with any Kindle, you can take notes and annotations in virtual book margins, search for words on the fly, adjust text size and font to make it easier for you to read, read footnotes and references with a tap, and more. Of course, it’s also thin – less than half an inch thick and only about seven ounces in weight.

Those of you who have nominated the Kindle Paperwhite have made it clear that this is probably the e-book by which everyone else – even other Kindle models – is judged. It is the ideal size for one-handed reading on the road, small enough to fit comfortably on a train or plane, yet large enough to hold and use comfortably. Some of you have lamented Amazon and its DRM books, but you also noted that Paperwhite supports DRM-free titles from other bookstores (with the notable exception of ePub files) as long as you can upload them to an eBook for viewing. Plus, many of you have pointed out that the price is right too, as it only sold for $ 99 in the past and around $ 100 is generally a good place to go for an e-book. You can read the entire (massive) nominations thread here .

Nook simple touch

Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch are technically no longer on sale (although it’s readily available – you can buy it for around $ 52 on Amazon and even less elsewhere ), it’s still a popular option for those looking to get the most out of their e-book. dollar. B&N has moved on to the Nook Glowlight as its primary e-ink reader , but Simple Touch is an Android tablet with great software, access to B&N’s book catalog, and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to root and convert to full Android. -the tablet is free. Once you do that, the possibilities are endless. It’s been a while since we put together our guides on this topic, but people still root their Nooks, using them as B&N e-books whenever they want, and Android tablets – complete with Wi-Fi internet access. other reading or comic apps, email, books from Google Play Books and even the Kindle app for Android and more whenever they want. Simple Touch features a 6-inch e-ink display with softkey bezels for one-handed use, a battery that lasts for weeks, expandable memory, and more – all in a seven-ounce package.

Those of you who nominated it praised this hacking ability and all the great things you can do with Nook Simple Touch when you make it yours. Many of you praised its battery life, and many of you praised the built-in Barnes and Noble software for letting you do things like changing font size and type, defining words, adjusting display brightness and scale, and more. Best of all, you can switch between the basic Android user interface and B&N software on the fly, once you’ve implemented it. By and large, the tone of discussion on nominations is such that once you get one of them and root it, you have an experience unmatched by any other e-book on the market, and that you have complete control over. read all about it – and other people’s experiences – in the nominations chain .


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