Minor Tweaks That Change the Taste of Your AeroPress

It’s no secret that we love AeroPress , and one of the main features of AeroPress is its flexibility . Case in point, NPR spoke with World Cup organizer Tim Varney about how to tweak their methods to get the perfect cup.

At each stage of the brewing process for the AeroPress, taste subtly changes. Find out how easy it is to customize your cup to your liking. Varney explains:

For example, vigorous mixing will increase the extraction efficiency, whereby underextraction can be acidic. Slow, steady pressure also reduces acidity. Choose a bloom and you will saturate the ground evenly for a sweeter flavor. Using water at higher temperatures produces a more bitter taste. The finer grind saturates faster, but can seep through the filter faster and tend to get bitter. Adding more water and less pressure will bring you closer to the brewed coffee. Or, you can make a stronger cup with less water and a longer infusion time as a base for a latte or Americano. coffee and lengthen the brewing time for a sweeter cup.

AeroPress is all you need, so it makes sense that small modifications can change the taste. The fun part, of course, is figuring out exactly how you like it.

How AeroPress Fans Forge Their Way to the Best Coffee | NPR


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