Create a Modular Firewood Holder to Make It Easier to Cut Off Limbs

If you spend a lot of time chopping wood, you will love this modular firewood holder that keeps limbs off the ground for easier cutting.

Clipping your limbs on the ground can be exhausting. Constantly bending over to cut off limbs and then piling them up can quickly lead to fatigue. When you are tired, you are more likely to make a mistake – for example, touching the ground with a chainsaw and it will instantly dull.

So, if you are a frequent limb, you can build a firewood holder that can be installed in multiple locations and in which you can place different diameter limbs. It works by using a lever mechanism that pivots downward, locking one end of the limb in place, while the weight of the tree keeps it from moving. The arm can move upward depending on the size of the tree trunk, and the height at hip level makes cutting easier since you no longer have to bend over.

You need to have some welding skills before you try to build this, but the materials will set you back as little as $ 60 for a 12ft 1.5 square stock and some equipment.

Watch the video above to see how this is done.

The best way to chop wood | Wranglerstar (YouTube)


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