The Case for Deliberately Digesting Vegetables

Popular culture tells us that sluggish vegetables are sad and bad (heck, we even told you that you have to cook vegetables for seven minutes or less to keep them green). But this is not the only way to do something: in fact, consciously digesting vegetables can be great.

Amiel Stanek from Bon App├ętit drew our attention to a useful point : Digest the vegetables the way you want them to be surprisingly tender and juicy. (If you’ve ever dined in good meat and three somewhere in the South, you’ll know what I mean; just think of the aromatic, smooth-soft green beans.) He suggests the long, low and slow technique you can be applied to almost any vegetable. In short, you’ll want to start with vegetables that are high in moisture. Then you need patience and an even, soft fire, not to mention lots of oil and seasonings.

For more pointers follow the link below. For those of you looking for a bona fide recipe, there is one too.

Rebel: Cook Vegetables to Death | Bon Appetit

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