Watch Kermit the Frog Explain How to Use Everyday Creativity

We often assume that creativity is something that only artists need. However, as acclaimed artist, producer and amphibian Kermit the Frog explains, if your mind is open to accept and play with different ideas, it can improve anyone’s work.

In his Mississippi TEDx talk, Kermit explains how creativity affects every aspect of daily life. Everyone, from janitors toscientists, can use the creative impulse to make their lives a little better. Even if your work doesn’t allow creative thought to flow freely, looking at a problem differently can give you insight to solve it. Creativity is not limited to painting ormusic . As Kermit himself says, sometimes for creativity it is enough just to listen to the advice of a talking frog:

Creativity is all about making us look at the world in a new way, showing us an unusual perspective. You know? For example, I mean think about it. What’s going on now? You all sit here and listen to me talking amphibian. This alone is already a rather radical act of creativity. This is what I like to call a “conspiracy of insanity.” We all decided to accept that assumption, end our mistrust, and just enjoy the ride. For me, this conspiracy of insanity and this freedom of thought is the essence of creativity.

Creativity is not just a category of skills that are required in specific industries. The ability to come up with solutions that are not obvious or differ from what is expected becomes more important as our society becomes more interconnected. Regardless of the problem you’re working on, a dozen people will likely come up with an obvious solution. Being creative and finding a solution that nobody thought of, or having a unique voice that couldn’t be replicated will become even more important. This means harnessing your inner creativity is essential for any job.

The Creative Act – Listening to the Talking Frog | Kermit the Frog | Youtube


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