Foods That Will Chill Your Mouth After You Eat Something Spicy

So you misjudged the curry and now your mouth is on fire – what to do? You probably know that milk stops burning, but you have other options. This infographic is a handy guide.

Milk helps by mixing with capsaicin (a hot-tasting chemical) so you can swallow it and ward off the heat receptors on your tongue that are malfunctioning. Other dairy products have the same effect, which explains why sour cream is a popular topping for tacos and why you can order a yogurt-based lassi to drink with your favorite curry.

Oils work in the same way, which means foods like peanut butter will help you. Strong alcohol can do the same. High-carb foods like rice and bread can flush out the capsaicin, while sugar and honey make it difficult for you to feel warm (even if the capsaicin is still in your mouth).

Check out the accompanying article on Greatist to learn more about how capsaicin causes this burning sensation and what you can do about it.

Is your mouth on fire? The Best (And Worst) Ways To Soothe A Burn Quickly | Great

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