Chef Watson Creates Unique Recipes Using Cognitive Computing

IBM Watson is a cognitive computer designed for solving complex problems, learning and interacting with people. And with the Chef Watson app, he can create new recipes based on his understanding of nutritional science and people’s taste preferences.

Chef Watson uses the Bon Appetit database of 9000 recipes and can create millions of new recipes based on quintillion possibilities. The video above explains how it works, but here’s why Chef Watson is unique in a nutshell:

Unlike a search engine that simply scans through existing data to display a list of already published recipes, Chef Watson is not programmed to provide a specific answer to a specific question – it understands, examines, and looks at more than just data. for recipes and aromatic mixtures, but also human perception for the development of very creative recipe ideas.

Using the app, users can create new recipes by choosing ingredients, dish type and dish styles, as well as any ingredients to exclude from the final recipe. After the user makes his choice, the application will generate a list of previously unseen recipes.

Recipes created and proposed include Russian celery sandwich, salmon tacos, Scottish gumbo. You can customize how classic or new the recipe is and save and share recipes. The more ingredients and cooking styles you add, the more Watson offers.

The app is currently in beta testing, but you can request access (I got it on the same day). There is also a cookbook created by IBM Watson and the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE) if you want to try even more computer generated recipes.

Sounds like a fun and fun way to learn new recipes.

IBM Cheff Watson


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