Yerdle Sells Your Mess for Free, Pays You in App Credit

Android / iOS: Getting rid of shit can be costly. Yerdle offers an attractive alternative. You can sell junk in the store for free. Buyer pays for shipping. In return, you get a Yerdle loan to buy other people’s things.

The service is pretty simple. If you’re a salesperson, it won’t cost you a cent. You can post your ad for free, and if someone decides to buy your item, they will pay a flat $ 4-7 shipping fee (assuming the item weighs less than £ 10). Selling items earns Yerdle credit. You can spend Yerdle Credit on anything in the store. You still have to pay for shipping, but if you sell enough of your junk, it’s worth it.

Yerdle | Google Play Store via Android Police

Yerdle | ITunes App Store


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