Save Overcooked Soup by Gently Taking Out Anything Not Burnt

If you’ve left the soup on the stove for too long, removing the portions that are not burnt and stuck to the pot will likely still taste good.

It may seem like your food has gone bad, but don’t throw away burnt soup just yet. Candy Argondizza, Culinary Center International’s Vice President of Culinary and Pastry Arts, suggests tidying up what you can:

… here’s what you can’t do: scrape off burnt food stuck to the bottom; they just help spread the burnt flavor throughout the dish. Instead, turn off the heat and carefully transfer as much of the soup as you can to another bowl, avoiding the soup from sticking to the pot itself. Then appreciate that if what’s left is still charred, you can compensate for the bitterness by adding some honey, sugar, or even caramelized onions.

Avoid those burnt nibs and your soup will still be ready to eat. You may have eaten a little less than you planned, but a little soup is better than not drinking it at all. It can also work with other foods like rice and chili peppers, so don’t throw away what you’ve burned until you at least taste it. There are many reasons why homemade food can go bad, but there is always a way to save it .

What to do if you are completely burned out by lunch | Huffington post


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