Refresh Your Tuna Sandwich With Italian Salsa Verde

If your brown-bag lunch just needs a makeover , here’s a sandwich upgrade that will surely help: ditch the water-sealed tuna, chopped celery and mayonnaise from your childhood and make an Italian-style tuna salad. instead of.

New York Times columnist David Tanis prefers to season his tuna sandwiches with a simple salsa of parsley, garlic, capers, olives and anchovies blended with olive oil, as well as a moist center boiled egg, a couple of lettuce leaves, and a crispy baguette or roll. Another key is buying quality tuna in oil:

For best results, choose quality Italian or Spanish canned tuna. The oil in the oil is usually wetter and tastier (but drain the oil from the can and replace it with the extra virgin from the bottle).

The result is a sandwich that can be more expensive but necessarily more memorable.

Italian Tuna Sandwich Recipe | NYT Cooking

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