Get the Most Out of Leafy Greens by Adding Stems to Pesto Sauce

Using as many ingredients as possible is a great way to cut down on food waste and get the most out of your grocery money. You can do this by adding the stems and leaves of leafy greens to sauces such as pesto.

By boiling leafy stems such as the woody stems of kale or chard, or these thick stems of broccoli, you can soften them enough to be used in a delicious pesto sauce. You can also use the sheet if you like. I used green chard in my pesto when I ran out of basil and needed something to add volume without affecting the flavor too much. If you don’t eat pesto often, you can always use up vegetables by making a simple broth.

Eat All Vegetables: How To Use The Stems And Roots Of Vegetables | Food52


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