Trail Run Project Helps You Find Epic Treadmills

Climbers and mountain bikers have long had guides on their favorite routes that describe how steep they are. Now, with the Trail Run Project, runners have the same opportunity.

While there are other route cataloging sites such as TrailLink for the rails-to-trails projects and , we love the Trail Run Project’s detailed descriptions and ratings. Although the site is still new, about 2,000 trails in the database are well documented, with statistics and trail ratings, as well as regular maps and elevation marks, and an automatic “Virtual Run” option that shows you the terrain.

For example, the statistics for Rachel Carson ‘s trail shown above include her average score of 6% to 29% at worst. And yes, it’s true – I was there. Hills like these have received an 88% Passage rating and an overall Intermediate / Hard rating – although this is just one vote so far.

You can add your favorite route by uploading GPS data and photos. The creators Trail Run Project say that the data will always be free , but someday they may charge a fee for the application for the iPhone and All Android .

Trail Run project through a competitor


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