Create This Compact Workstation for Your DIY Electronics Projects

Usually projects DIY-electronics require a lot of space to accommodate and specialized tools, but this simple tiny desktop from polzovatelya- gizmologa Instructables opposed to this trend. It offers storage space for tools and space for a breadboard, Arduino and some other gadgets, all in a portable case.

We’ve already talked about how you can do it yourself in a small space , and even used a compact workbench for small apartments , but this portable workstation is pretty much a small wooden lockable box with room for tools and a stable surface with just enough space to work from above. It’s also easy to build if you have the right components. This one will definitely take a trip to a hardware store, at least because of the plywood it’s made from, but the rest can be ordered online and assembled without a ton of special tools. The project even includes plans for your wood cutouts.

When you’re done, your workstation should be big enough to hold a soldering iron, have a battery terminal on top, a voltage meter in it, a solderless breadboard on top, and a few other useful things to help your creative projects come true. … The Gizmologist setup is designed for use with the Arduino, but you can plug in your favorite small electronics board if appropriate. Follow the link below to view the full plans.

Small Electronic Experimental Station | instructions


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