10 Essential Dating Tips

Dating is often awkward, sweet, and difficult (sometimes at the same time). But don’t worry, we have more than a few tips on how to survive and improve your dates.

10. Don’t be afraid of online dating.

Many people still have doubts about online dating, but these answers to frequently asked questions can help dispel any misconceptions that may arise regarding online dating and help you give it a try. When you’re ready, browse our five favorite dating sites and our roundup of different services to see which ones you can join. Dating online (or offline) can be time-consuming, but you can handle it even with a crazy schedule .

9. Improve your online dating profile photo

Your profile photo is not only intended to show future dates how beautiful you are, but also to tell others about some important things if your photo shows your activity or activity with pets. Check out these tips for more useful profile photos , but don’t worry if your photo is n’t “perfect” — a more down-to-earth photo instead of a glamorous one can make you more approachable.

8. Meet new potential dates by going to the right places

It’s hard to meet new people after college, much less lifelong friends or potential partners. Even if you do use online dating services, it’s still a good idea to physically get out there – somewhere where you can find people who share your interests and increase your chances of finding your next date. Here are some tips for meeting new people in the real world (besides the bar).

7. Identify your main obstacles to the deal.

We all have what we definitely don’t want in partners. Make a list of five sensible obstacles (like drug use or not living a life) right from the start so you don’t waste valuable time. Three personal habits – punctuality, orderliness, and frugality – are usually the main obstacles to a deal. However, be realistic about your expectations and upcoming dates . As you get older and perhaps re-enter the dating scene , your problems may be that you want children / don’t want children, or just “have to own the bed frame first”.

6. Find out more about the date before you meet him or her.

We’re not saying all internet stalkers will be creepy, but a little online research can help you check your next date and stay safe when you’re dating a stranger you’ve only met on the internet. A simple directory of people or a search in public records can help you ensure that the person you are dating is who they say they are.

5. Prepare for the perfect first (second, third, etc.) date.

When it’s your first date, you probably want to make a good first impression . The basics – dressing nicely, being polite, being a good listener, and using other communication skills – will go a long way. For more tips, check out our scientific guide to the perfect first date , which includes things like asking more risky questions and monitoring your body language. Even if the first date fails, don’t worry; we’ve all been there, and some of us have even gone into successful relationships after awkward dates.

No matter how many places you have been, you can also do each date counting the night by doing special meals , scheduling a KickAss date , going on a conversation-sparking activity (like taking a class together or going on a hike), or going on double dates.

4. Lay down your cell phone.

This is accompanied by better dates and better communication, but deserves a separate mention. Your relationship will improve and you can better communicate with your date if you only check your phone alone . It’s annoying when others can’t help looking at their phones when we’re around, but we may be doing this too without realizing it. Try turning off notifications on your phone when you’re out on a date. By removing your phone from sight, you can serve you faster in restaurants .

3. Make it easier to make difficult dating decisions by knowing where you are going.

A long-distance relationship , dating a coworker, and even taking a big step forward to live together or say yes or no to marriage are special challenges you may face in your dating life. These rash decisions will require you to think things through before making them. If you’re still stuck, these four tricks can help you make a more logical decision, although sometimes you just need to follow your instinct .

2. Know when to break up

All couples experience hiccups in relationships (often due to common communication mistakes ). You may bounce back from a bad struggle by facing the problem (s) outright and also backing off a bit, but after repeated heartache, it might be time to end the relationship . Breakups suck and the pain can stay with us for a long time, but sometimes you just need to move on. ( Change your ringtone and otherwise banish your ex from your daily digital life to get over it faster.) You might be able to get along with your ex after a breakup, but don’t worry if that’s not possible.

1. Find out if you and your date are compatible for a long time.

On the other side of the spectrum: When a relationship gets serious, you may wonder if the other person is the one, and you can finally stop dating . Ask three questions – about horror movies, travel and life on a sailboat – and, according to OKCupid, you can better understand if your date is right for you. You will probably also want to know if you are sexually compatible with your partner or if your sexual differences violate the terms of the deal. Long-term relationships and marriage are hard work, but dating is also. These are the little things that make a relationship lasting . By the way, there is a math formula for dating and deciding who to marry ! (But don’t take this too seriously, love is not a heartless calculation.)

Bonus: Ask Dr. Nerdlaw

“Dr.” Harris O’Malley regularly provides advice on more difficult or uncomfortable dating issues on Kotaku , such as what to do if you just want casual sex , your boyfriend / girlfriend is a terrible kissing person, or you keep getting into the friend zone . Besides posts on Kotaku, you can get more tips from his blog and podcast .

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