Most Viewed Posts This Week: April 3-10

This week we took a close look at ultra-wide monitors , wondered if six abs was worth it , learned how to minimize sagging skin while losing weight , learned a lesson in passwords from Edward Snowden, and much more. Here’s a look back.

Ultra-wide versus dual monitors: which is better for performance?

We love workstations with multiple monitors, but “ultra-wide” displays with resolutions that compete with two or three adjacent panels are looking better and better these days. After all, having more than one monitor doesn’t automatically make you more productive. Here’s how these new ultra-wide monitors differ from a dual-screen configuration, and when you might want to consider buying one.

How getting the Six Pack will change your life (and how it won’t)

Ahh, an elusive six-pack. For many, this is the holy grail of fitness. But does your life really change after you achieve it? Let’s take a look at how getting six packs is changing your life and when it’s really just gold for fools.

How to reduce sagging skin while losing weight

There is nothing worse than sticking to a diet just to get skin that hangs down like a curtain from a window. Unfortunately, this is a common byproduct of weight loss. Here’s what you can do to minimize the amount of loose skin while losing weight, or even solve the problem after losing weight.

Edward Snowden Explains Why You Should Use Passwords, Not Passwords

We’ve talked a lot about password security and how to use long complex passwords instead of short ones. In this video, Edward Snowden explains why you should use passphrases in a way that all your friends and family can understand.

This infographic shows you how often to clean your household items.

Some household items should be cleaned more often than others. If you’re having problems with how often to clean your home, this simple infographic for each room can help.

Top 5 drones

Whether you’re getting into the world of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) just because you want to make a great video about your community, map out your surroundings, or just fly something cool looking up into the sky, you have tons of great options. This week, we’ll take a look at some of the best based on your nominations.

How you sabotage your creativity every day

We often talk about simple things we can do to boost creativity and create more magical eureka moments, but many of us tend to sabotage creativity more than we develop it. Here are some of the self-sabotaging things you probably do every day.

How to survive at a party when you don’t know anyone

Parties should be fun, not scary, but trying to strike up a conversation in a room full of strangers can be excruciating. Fear not, though: with the right tricks, you can not only survive, but also truly have fun.

What to do if you feel too bloated for sex but are still horny

We were all there, right? Ready to jump into bed, but disturbed by an ominous rumbling in my stomach. Here’s how to prevent bloating, gas, or food in babies from spoiling an otherwise sexy evening.

Best and worst cities to move to middle or upper class

Income mobility – moving from lower middle to middle to upper middle income – varies depending on where you live. Statistical research conducted by the Equality of Opportunity Project identifies areas with the greatest and least mobility.


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