Grill Fish on a Bed of Sliced Lemons to Prevent Sticking

Grilled fish is a very tasty and light dish. That is, when it does not stick. There are many good tips on how to prevent fish from sticking to the wire rack. But perhaps the most delicious of them is to fry the fish on a pillow of sliced ​​lemons.

Mama Huddle suggests cooking fish over sliced ​​lemons – this not only prevents sticking, but also adds flavor. Here’s how to do it:

Simply slice the lemons and place them on the cooking surface. If you are grilling, place them on the wire rack. If you’re baking, place them on a baking sheet. In our case, we had one large piece of salmon, so we wanted to place all the lemons close together to ensure even cooking. If you have servings, simply place two lemon slices under each slice. You will cook at the same temperature as usual.

Easy to set up, easy to clean and delicious too. Definitely worth a try. For more details please follow the link below.

Cooking fish with lemons | Mother Huddle


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