Find Energy Incentive Programs in Your State With This Huge Database

The energy savings are paying off. You can get a range of discounts, loans, and other incentives by doing an energy efficient home improvement. This huge online database lists them all by state.

The government and some utilities offer savings on certain energy modifications. For example, you can get a discount on CFL lamps. Or you can get a discount for installing solar panels. It depends on where you live and what you are offered. includes all energy-related incentives and policies in and around the United States. The home page is an interactive map. Hover over your status and you will see the number of existing policies. Click a status and you will see a complete list of all of these policies, including a brief description and links to learn more about them. You can also simply search by city code.

You can also filter the full list because some of them are quite long. You can filter by technology, category, coverage, and more. The database is maintained by the Clean Energy Technology Center at North Carolina State University and funded by the Department of Energy. You can also check all federal benefits on the home page.

To give it a try, follow the link below.

Database of Government Incentives for Renewable Energy and Efficiency Improvement | via reddit


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