Edward Snowden Explains Why You Should Use Passwords, Not Passwords

We’ve talked a lot about password security and how to use longer, more complex passphrases rather than shorter ones. In this video, Edward Snowden explains why you should use passphrases in a way that all your friends and family can understand.

The importance of using strong passwords cannot be overemphasized given that we still have not figured out this mess . Until we do that, PSAs like this will remain important. And this could hardly have come from a more suitable source. Edward Snowden has leaked key details of the NSA ‘s mass surveillance , so he knows a thing or two about what makes a system safe or not.

The best password is one you don’t even know, so I still recommend supplementing your security strategy with a password manager . However, for passwords that you need to remember, long passphrases are best — which are not common, well-known phrases that can be found in a dictionary.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Edward Snowden on Passwords | Youtube


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