Use a “reverse Diet” to Boost Your Metabolism After an Aggressive Diet.

Aggressive diets such as juice fasting or extreme calorie cuts may seem tempting, but they can slow your metabolism. This makes it difficult to maintain your new weight. If you’ve suffered from the effects of a long, overly aggressive diet, here’s what you can do about it.

First, let’s take a look at what happens to your metabolism after a long, intense diet. Registered nutritionist and fitness writer Georgie Fear explains:

One factor is a decrease in the resting metabolic rate (RMR), also known as the number of calories a person burns while resting for 24 hours. Previously obese, successful dieters, anorexia nervosa patients, and athletes who have been energy deficient for some time can burn 10-15% fewer calories at rest than would be predicted by regression equations – it is this mismatch that is commonly referred to as metabolic adaptation.

Obviously, it is best to ensure that your diet is sustainable from day one . But perhaps, like this horrible tattoo of your ex’s name, the damage has already been done.

Georgie suggests a “reverse diet” akin to tattoo removal:

Increase the number of calories you need to get a slow but steady positive trend in weight, around one pound a month for women and up to 2 pounds a month for men. Gaining weight faster than this does not alter the metabolic rate recovery process; it only increases the chances of gaining fat mass. Slower recruitment is a strategy to help increase lean muscle mass while maintaining a positive energy balance.

To be clear, there is nothing magical about a reverse diet. It simply allows you to reverse some of the metabolic lethargy caused by the emergency diet. Also, don’t use the reverse diet as an excuse to gain weight or pamper yourself. You still need to maintain old habits.

Additional instructions on diet reverse, including what to eat and how much, can be found in the full article below.

Facts About Fasting and Reverse Diet |

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