Apply to Small Companies Early on to Build Career Momentum

When you are just starting your career, it can be difficult to get the attention of a large company. If you’re having trouble getting to the ground floor, try starting with a small company to round out your resume.

As the business blog Entrepreneur explains, the career path from entry-level to higher-level in a large company is challenging. When combined with getting the attention of a large company in the first place, this can be a challenging career. By targeting smaller companies first, you can build on your existing experience and make yourself more attractive to the larger ones.

When a vacancy opens up, large companies have a ton of job seekers. This lowers your chances of getting a job because you will lose out to someone with more experience. The trick is to apply for a company with between one and 20 employees. You will stand out more in the group of applicants, and the manager may be more willing to educate you.

While the big company hasn’t heard of you, chances are they’ve at least heard of their smaller competitors. Even if they haven’t done so, having several years of experience in the field will be more attractive than just graduating from college.

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