This List Has Great Ways to Connect at Popular US Airports.

If sitting on the plane isn’t boring enough, sitting at the airport during a long stop will put you to sleep. However, with the right planning, you can have a little fun while you wait . This list can help you plan.

Here are a couple of highlights for several airports on Wendy Perrin’s list:

  • Chicago O’Hare: Get rid of the sluggish feeling of being on a plane too long with a $ 20 day pass to the Hilton Health Club .
  • San Francisco International Airport : Find relaxation and quiet in the several yoga and meditation rooms located in the terminals (free to use).
  • Washington Dulles: Check out educational exhibits at the Stephen Udvar-Hazy Center , just a short drive from the airport.

You can take charge of your transfer experience by using the suggestions on this list or by exploring other options at the airport you are in. For full features at each airport, see the full list in the post below.

Best Ways to Spend Money Connecting at 10 US Airports | Wendy Perrin


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