Watch Out for These Products That Are More Expensive for the “female Version”

Nearly identical products marked “for women” pay $ 1,351 more for women than for men. This pricing phenomenon, often referred to as a “pink tax,” can usually be avoided by purchasing identical items in the men’s section and paying particular attention to pricing.

The biggest culprits are the ones you would expect: sellers of clothing, personal care products, dry cleaning and car repairs charge more women than men for (often) identical products and services. For example, according to Candice Elliott of Listen Money Matters, dry cleaners pay an average of $ 4.95 per shirt for women, compared to $ 2.86 for men. It is worth taking the time to find dry cleaning services with the same rates for men and women. The same rule applies to car repairs. A rough estimate of the cost of repairs, as well as self-education, often helps to eliminate price discrepancies.

In addition, women often pay more for personal care products such as shaving cream, deodorant, facial cleanser, and razors, although these are largely equivalent to the same products available for men. Many women resist buying the cheaper Barbasol shaving cream (usually from the men’s shaving unit) instead of the more expensive “female” shaving cream, which is essentially the same thing with added fragrance.

Women earn less and pay more, pink tax | Listen, money matters


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