Remove Wasp Infestation Without Harsh Chemicals With a Shop-Vac

Wasps are not the most aggressive insects in the wild, but they can be a problem when their home is inside yours. If you are looking for a way to remove them, this Shop-Vac installation takes care of them without using any chemical sprays.

Be careful when dealing with unwanted pests like wasps and hornets. Sprays can deal with them quickly, but YouTuber PrerequisiteName wanted to try an alternative method. By using a Shop-Vac filled with soapy water, a broomstick and a ladder to hold things in place, you can wipe out an entire nest of wasps. Make sure the end of the hose is right at the entrance and run the vacuum for a couple of hours. Just try not to hang too close to the noise, or the wasps will get angry. When you’re done, release the vacuum and either seal the entrance or find some other way to keep them from coming back.

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