Remove Clutter From Your Home by Clearing Out Your Essentials Before Organizing.

Whether you’re starting with a spring cleaning project or just trying to squeeze out what you have, it’s important not to confuse organization with decluttering. Outside the site is definitely not outside the home.

Organize your belongings wisely. You will have more room to breathe and your home will be much better. Merlin Mann of 43 Folders simply recommends not organizing things you don’t really want to keep:

Organization is what you do with the things you need, want, or love, not what you do to remove useless things from view or make feigned meaning.

Organized trash is still trash. Give yourself no more excuses to hold on to something you know you don’t need. It’s already hard enough to get rid of some things without making the situation worse. Get rid of things first and then organize them.

My War on Disorder: Never “Organize” What Can Be Dumped | 43 folders across 99U


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