Convert Your Old T-Shirts Into a Memory Blanket, No Sewing Required

Instead of throwing away all those T-shirts that no longer fit you, you can turn them into a blanket of memories. You don’t even need to stitch it.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get rid of some T-shirts. Maybe you have a great collection of jerseys that you received on various touring groups, or maybe you have jerseys that remind you of past teams that you have participated in. Instructables userDhopp1 explains a simple wayto preserve these memories while still getting some usefulness out of them. You can make a blanket without sewing, using nothing but cardboard, scissors, and some free time. You probably won’t be able to throw it in the washing machine, but there are other ways to keep delicate items like this clean . For full instructions follow the link below.

How to make a blanket for a T-shirt without sewing ┬╗wiki helpful Instructables


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