The Easiest Way to Reach Orgasm If Penetration Isn’t Enough for You

If you are a woman who finds it difficult to achieve orgasm during intercourse, you may be interested to know that a recent study on female orgasm showed that you have more company than you might imagine.

The survey found that only 57% of respondents experience orgasm most of the time when they have penetrative sex with a partner. 38% of respondents reported having difficulty reaching orgasm because they lacked clitoral stimulation, and 35% said they did not receive the desired type of clitoral stimulation.

Caveat – this study was conducted by Cosmopolitan, so the respondents are women who have read Cosmo ( in all its glory for terrible sex advice ) and volunteered for the orgasm survey. I bet these results are a little skewed.

The easiest way to get more clitoral stimulation (and more proper stimulation) is to simply reach out to your clitoris during intercourse. (Thesisters do it for themselves! ) Most of the female heterosexual clients I see in my sex therapy practice are hesitant to touch themselves during intercourse, mostly out of fear that they are doing “something wrong”. needing additional funds. the clitoris loves.

Ladies, let Cosmo bring you confirmation for once! There is nothing wrong with pinching your hand between your legs during intercourse. It’s easy, it feels good, it looks hot to your partner, and it’s what your body needs. What could be wrong with that?


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