Buy a Tuxedo Instead of Renting If You Think You’ll Wear It Twice

Special occasions when a tuxedo is required may be rare and rare, but if you think you have a reason to wear a tuxedo at least twice, you are probably better off buying.

Dealnews analyzed the numbers to see how quickly a tuxedo pays off and concluded that you are wearing it a second time:

The average rental price for a wedding tuxedo is $ 185, which seems like a lot, except that suits tend to be quite expensive … or not?

In fact, it’s pretty common to see penguin costumes (figuratively speaking) around the $ 80 mark. You will also need to buy a tuxedo shirt for about $ 23; cufflinks and buttons for about $ 13; bow tie and waist belt for about $ 10; and those super-shiny Oxfords only seen in weddings for about $ 30. Then , to avoid looking like you’re carrying a tuxedo bag , you’ll need to fit the suit to your figure, which adds another $ 50. Grand total? $ 206! For just $ 21 more than your rent, you can become the proud owner of a James Bond apparel.

Of course, our custom tuxedo was assembled from the cheapest items we could find. Will it all fall apart in the rain? Maybe! Another thing to consider is that suit styles change over the years, and today’s tuxedo could go out of style in five years. However, we have to look at the totals and they really show that you can buy a tuxedo for about the same price as renting, so the purchase will pay off the second time you wear it. (And we assume that if you have a tuxedo, you will find many more reasons to wear it “just because”!)

So if you think you are going to attend at least two weddings or two gala nights, buy a second hand conservative tuxedo instead of renting one.

When will these 10 purchases pay off? | Dealnews


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