You Can Now Opt Out of Verizon’s Supercookie Mobile Tracking Program

It was recently discovered that Verizon is implementing non-removable “super cookies” to track mobile subscribers’ surfing the web, and the only way to protect its privacy is through third-party apps . However, Verizon now allows you to opt out of this program, so it will stop inserting a unique identifier (UIDH) if you tell them to.

To turn off tracking, sign in to your account on the Verizon website and opt out of the program called Appropriate Mobile Advertising, or call 1-866-211-0874. While you’re there, you can opt out of Verizon selling your app usage data to advertisers if you haven’t already.

It’s a shame that this is a waiver and not an agreement, and that Verizon even continues to use these headers when AT&T stopped its similar program . However, at least we have the opportunity now.

Verizon Wireless Customers Can Now Opt-Out “Super Cookies” | New York Times


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