To Avoid Clutter, Make Your Collections Specific

Clutter can greatly affect your mental, emotional, and even financial health . If you’re a collector, you can turn your messy items into a vibrant display case.

If you place your collection on purpose, clutter becomes an inventive way to decorate your home. Here are some examples of how you can highlight your collection:

  • Frame objects in the same style and in a colored frame
  • Arrange items of the same size in a structured grid.
  • Group items by color

For example, I have many prints that I picked up while traveling or that I just like. I put them together using a frame of the same color and then hung them in a group. More tips on how to decorate cheaply can be found in the full post at the link below.

4 Simplest Ways to Make Redecoration Without Spending a Dime | Apartment therapy


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