Get Ready to Leave to Gracefully End Slow or Awkward Conversations

Probably have you had one or two conversations, which at times seemed awkward to you . Next time, have an exit line ready so you can end the conversation when things get weird.

You can also use the exit line when the conversation has slowed down and you feel like it has reached its natural ending point. The Art of Masculinity has several examples of exit lines that you can use to end normal conversations:

  • I need to get back to work. I have a deadline that I need to meet before noon.
  • I want to say hello to everyone here.
  • Well, it was great to chat with you.

With one of these lines (or something similar), you can go your separate ways, ending the chat, which will leave everyone in a good mood. Small talk is n’t always easy to master , but it’s one way to make it easier. More tips on how to gracefully end a conversation can be found in the full post at the link below.

How to end a conversation | The art of masculinity


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