Five Pegboard Alternatives That Make Storing Your Tools Easier

Pegboards are common in workshops and garages all over the place, but not everyone has wall space or the desire to install one. Here are some alternatives to a perforated board that provide an accessible and safe place to store (and protect) your tools.

Open Top Tool Bag

The open-top tool bag (favored by electricians) offers excellent visibility and portability with many pockets to store your most frequently used tools. These tool bags take up little space and are a favorite with mobile contractors and handymen everywhere. They may cost a little more, like this one from Custom Leathercraft , but they’re worth it.

If you typically need a bucket to work with, Bucket Boss works the same way and uses a standard 5 gallon paint bucket to provide a frame for a fully functional toolbox.

Wall magnets

Magnetic knife strips are often seen in kitchens pressing knives and utensils against the wall. Set up a pair in your workshop above your workbench and you’ll have an easy way to hang your tools instead of just tossing them in a drawer. They come in a variety of lengths and are fairly inexpensive .

Rare earth magnets and tool points also do an excellent job of securing tools to the wall and can be configured in a wide variety of ways.

Tool rollers

Tool rolls like this one from Ergodyne are made from canvas, polyester and leather and are best for storing wrenches, screwdrivers, files, and anything that’s long and relatively flat. Chefs often store their knives and sharpeners on a tool roll as it protects the blades and makes it a compact carry case. You can also untangle the tool roll, hang it on the wall, and stick the tools in there.

Wall rail system

Wall rails such as the Kobalt Resin K-Rail or Gladiator Resin Wall System are easy to adjust and expand. Attach the handrail to the wall at your desired height, and then attach clips, hooks, and racks anywhere along the wall. This system is best for hanging gardening tools, but you can place stacks of hardware organizers on the shelves.

Storage of French boots

With a few woodworking tools, you will be able to assemble your own French stud storage system. The French planks are designed to support a lot of weight and, like the wall rail system, you can hang tools in any number of ways. It’s a little more work than other methods, but like the Pegboard, it offers limitless possibilities.


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