Approach a Big Project Like an Adventure

A new big project may seem overwhelming. You don’t know where to start, and you don’t know if you can follow through. To keep things simple, think of a large project the same way as an adventure.

Muse points to several similarities between traveling and a large work project. This may seem like an attempt to make something fun, but we know that gamification can make them easier to perceive . It works in a similar way. If you need to take action, adventure is a fun way to look at it. For example, let’s say you feel unprepared for a project. Muse says:

You can only do a certain amount of research before heading to a new location. Of course, you’ve probably read the articles, charted your itinerary and itineraries, and asked friends about their experiences. And all this preparation is valuable, but it does not replace walking and sightseeing. Taking on new job responsibilities is a similar process. You can talk to your peers and find out why a new initiative is important, but no matter how much you prepare, your first week on a project will be significantly more rewarding. In practice, things are often different than in theory.

They suggest not trying to solve a problem before you actually start a project. Often when we make travel plans, we plan every second of every day, but not always everything goes according to plan. Use the research and preparation of your project as a context, rather than trying to solve everything before you start. As they put it: “Once you are there – on a business trip or on vacation – you can best see how exactly you fit.”

They offer a few more examples of how approaching a new project is like traveling to a new unfamiliar place. It’s interesting to see how they relate to each other, and this can be helpful when working on projects.

The Secret to Starting a Big Project at Work: Treat It Like an Adventure | Muse


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