Google Announces Android 5.1 With Device Protection and HD Voice

Well, this is new. Google today quietly announced a new version of Android in a small blog post. The new version of Android 5.1 is still called Lollipop, but it will have several new features, including device protection and HD voice, if your device supports it.

Android 5.1 will also support multiple SIMs on devices containing multiple SIM slots (until now, carriers and manufacturers had to add this support on top of Android where possible).

Device protection will allow the user to remotely lock their device in the event of loss or theft. This will prevent your phone from being used until you are signed in to your Google account. This protection remains in effect even if the person picking up your phone performs a factory reset. These are just a few of the new features coming in Android 5.1, although Google hasn’t released the full changelog. Today, the update is rolling out to select Nexus devices, although it will apparently take weeks or months for most other devices.

Android 5.1: Unpacking the New Lollipop Update | Android Official Blog


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