This Video Exposes 10 Misconceptions About Skin and Makeup

Your skin is quite an important part of your body, so you should take care of it as thoroughly as possible. Whether you use makeup or are just interested in the epidermis, this video will help you look good.

Mental Floss YouTube host Elliot Morgan is back to explain the truth behind all the myths you’ve heard about your face. Not specifically your face, but the skin that covers it and the makeup that can hide it. You will learn why you shouldn’t test your foundation on your hand, that clogged pores don’t slow down choking, that you shouldn’t clean your makeup brushes for more than a month, and that it’s not ideal for washing. face with regular soap (but face should be washed). So if you’re wondering why you shouldn’t get a pimple or how to prevent your mascara from drying out, watch the video above or follow the link below.

Misconceptions About Makeup | Youtube


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