Bacon Can Help You Overcome a Marathon

Even if you are not afraid of fatty foods , you may have been reluctant to rely on them for exercise fuel. A new review of scientific research shows that a fat-rich diet may work well for runners and cyclists, although it can take your body several weeks to adapt.

Standard advice for runners and cyclists is to include high amounts of carbohydrates in your diet to maintain glycogen stores during exercise. But low-carb diets are becoming more common among endurance athletes, and a review of the evidence for the use of fat for fuelpublished in the European Journal of Sport Science shows that high-fat diets are well-suited for this type of exercise. One of the authors, sports scientist Jeff Volek , recommends an 85 percent fat diet. (Standard advice, such as from the Institute of Medicine , recommends that this number not exceed 35.)

There are some caveats: it may take your body several weeks to adapt to a high-fat diet (three weeks for cyclists in one study), and it may never work if you are involved in sports that require sudden bursts of activity. power or strength, such as weightlifting, crossfit, or team sports such as soccer. But if you’re gearing up for a marathon or a long bike race, breakfast with lots of bacon might work for you.

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