Save Time and Water With This DIY Automatic Shower Timer

If you want to cut back on time in the shower, this DIY installation will automatically start a timer as soon as you close the door.

If you find yourself standing under hot water too often, a timer will tell you how much time you actually spend there. This build from Instructables user GeckoDiode has a five minute timer set that starts beeping when the time is up. It uses an ATtiny85 microcontroller, speakers, LEDs and a small limit switch that attaches to the back of the shower door. When you walk in and close the shower door, a five-minute timer starts, but if you finish early, the timer will automatically reset. This is a handy little setup if you’re trying to conserve water or wasting unnecessary time in the shower. Check out the full list of parts and instructions at the link below.

DIY automatic shower timer | Instructables


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