Cook Chicken Breasts Faster Than Ever With Three Easy Tools

Since chicken breasts are the best-selling chicken breasts in supermarkets, you might think they are easy to prepare, but the truth is, cooking them can be surprisingly challenging. Here are some tricks to cook them faster and more evenly.

Chicken breasts are naturally asymmetrical in shape – which becomes only an exaggeration over the years as chicken breasts grow in size – making it difficult to cook the thickest part of the cut without leaving the smaller end of the breast dry.

Luckily, Kitchn’s Food and Cooking Editor Christine Gallari offers three trouble-free solutions to help speed up the cooking process and also ensure that the thinner portions of the chicken breast are not overcooked. Her first suggestion is to remove the chicken from the bone; and flatten the second to obtain an even thickness. The third – our favorite and easiest way, does not require any additional effort and time – does not require any additional effort and time: cover the pan while the chicken is cooking . She writes:

Even if you’ve already browned the outside of the chicken, you should still cover the pan or grill while it’s cooking. This creates an oven-like atmosphere that surrounds the chicken breast with warmth, so it doesn’t just cook where it comes into contact with the pan or grill … You also save energy!

If you haven’t already, try it the next time you cook chicken for dinner and let us know how much time you saved. To learn more about how to cook chicken faster, including how to smooth it to a uniform thickness, visit The Kitchn.

3 Ways to Cook Chicken Breast Faster | Kitchen

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