Best Cuisine and Culinary Shortcuts You Actually Use

From removing pomegranate seeds in 10 seconds to separating egg yolks with a water bottle , there are thousands of ways to save time in the kitchen. But how many of these tips really use? Let’s make a list of the best.

We’ve shown so many kitchen shortcuts over the years (as well as the Internet in general) that it’s nearly impossible to narrow down the things that work best, and more importantly, what is actually worth doing to save you time in the kitchen. With that in mind, we’d love to hear what you actually do in the kitchen. We will start, but we are more interested in your thoughts. Here’s how to format the tooltip:

  1. Include one tip per comment, please: let’s make this list easy to read. If you want to make multiple suggestions, please make a few comments.
  2. Try not to repeat yourself: if someone does the same thing as you, tag their comment and add your own experience instead of creating a new post.
  3. Tell us why it works for you: Everyone is different, so tell us how you do it, how it works for you, and why it’s worth learning.

So let’s get down to business.


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