WeWordle Is a Multi-User Wordle That Is Currently Causing Me Stress

If you’re competitive and just text your dad and a group of friends about your Wordle account first thing in the morning, you’re not doing it for you, you might want to try the newest iteration in the Wordle copycat universe : WeWordle . WeWordle lets you compete against others online, which is reminiscent of the old days of Words with Friends , except for the added stress of an ultra-short time limit of fifteen seconds per turn.

Another fake Wordle?

There have been many knockoffs or homages to the Wordle, some more amazing than others, and really it’s all a matter of taste. There ‘s Worldle for people whose high schools taught geography (good for you), Quordle if you’re too good for Wordle , Taylordle if you think Taylor Swift deserves a PhD , and my personal favorite, Bardle , Shakespearean.

Just like in a regular Wordle, you have six tries to guess the five letter word. Same: if you guess the correct letter and its placement, it turns green; if you guess the correct letter in the wrong place, it is yellow; and if you guess the wrong letter, it’s gray.

The difference is that in this variation you take turns playing your opponent, so you only have three guesses and you can see what they suggest and use their knowledge. You win, lose or lose because you give up or you run out of time.

Pros and cons of WeWordle

The main pros of WeWordle are that, for true Wordle junkies, you can play again and again against random opponents. You can also send the link to a friend or partner to play together. It’s like when you yell “GO!” with your significant other and play Wordle on your independent phones at the same time, except you are playing the same game on the same board.

What may seem like a plus or minus to some is that since you are working on the same puzzle, when one person opens a letter, you can use that information on your next turn. It may seem collaborative, or it may make you feel pressured to get the right answer in one move so that your own success cannot be used against you.

The main disadvantage of this game, in my opinion, is the time limit. I play Wordle either very fast or very slow, non-stop. If I don’t get it at my morning coffee, I might spend hours before I get it thinking up unusual vowel combinations on a walk with the dog or driving the kids to school. With regular Wordle, I almost never lose.

But in WeWordle, fifteen seconds is not enough for me, and the timer ticking in front of me does something to my brain, causing it to completely stop working. The letters don’t match. Thoughts do not arise. I’m bad at WeWordle and like any burnt out gifted and talented older millennial, I don’t like the fact that I can’t win, and so I vow never to play WeWordle again – except once again very quickly to see if I can whether i win. this time.

No, I lost. I hate this.


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