Try This Game If You Are Already Too Good at Wordle

Are you too good at Wordle? Of course. You know all the strategies : which words to guess first, which vowels to check right away. You must be tired of embarrassing everyone on Twitter with your green squares. If Wordle seems too simple for you these days, you can try its twisted cousin Absurdle . Developed by qntm, the game follows most of the same rules as Wordle. You guess a five-letter word; if you see a green square above a letter, then the correct letter is in the correct place; if you see a yellow square, you have the correct letter in the wrong place; and if you see a gray square, then this letter is not in the word at all.

In Wordle, you have six chances to get the word right. Absurdity, however, gives you unlimited attempts. Before you laugh, however, consider another important difference between the two: every time you make a mistake in Absurdle, the solution to the puzzle changes.

But that’s not all; Absurdle is not just picking one word and checking for a match, it’s picking as many words as possible that are similar to your word in an attempt to keep your Absurdle game going as long as possible. If your initial guess was SPEAK, Absurdle will check every word in its database that doesn’t contain those letters, and that set of words will be its answer key. Thus, it is impossible to guess the word on the first try. The second is also impossible to guess. According to qntm, the shortest game of Absurdle is four moves.

What you’re really trying to do is corner the game; as soon as it becomes impossible for any unique words that do not contain any of the guessed letters to exist, you will start to see yellow and green squares in your guesses. Absurdle will still change the possible words, but this pool gets smaller and smaller as you keep guessing. In the end, depending on the course of the game, only one possible word will remain, and, in fact, it will turn back into a regular Wordle.

The main thing to remember about Absurdle is that it is completely deterministic. Unlike Wordle, which has one set answer that changes from day to day, using the same guesses in Absurdle always leads to the same result. This is how the game works, because there is no “answer” from the very beginning.

If these rules sound a bit confusing, don’t worry; qntm has an extended explanation of how it all works. However, the best way to understand Absurdle is to play it.

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