Extended History Gives You Full Searches, Filters and Tags for Your Browser History

Chrome: If you’ve ever read an article and then looked through your story to find it again, or wanted to clear certain parts of your story, Extended Story can help. This is a fork and improvement of the beloved Better History (but without the malware that got into it and other Chrome extensions a while ago).

Once installed, extended history gives you full control over searching, tagging, organizing and filtering your browser history by page title, keyword or URL, so you can find the page you were on a while ago, but don’t remember where exactly or when. Likewise, if you can remember when but nothing more, you can filter by time to narrow your search. You can use the same controls to remove specific dates and times from your browser history.

Best of all, from a security standpoint, the add-in stores all of its data locally and doesn’t call home, and keeps its permissions to an absolute minimum. The project is also open source and available for viewing on GitHub . Try the link below.

Extended History (Free) | Chrome Web Store


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